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In addition to our answers to the Most Frequently Asked Questions about the Fair in general, and about the Carnival Midway, scroll down below to see our explanation of the Washington County Fair policy on weapons and outside alcohol, and our Advertising, Canvassing, and Soliciting Form.

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General Questions

How do I get to the Fair Complex in Hillsboro?

What is the Fair admission charge?

When is the Fair open?

How much does it cost to park at the Fair and is the parking ticket good all day?

Is there a way to use mass transit to get to the Fair?

How frequently do the free shuttles from the MAX Fair Complex Station run, and how late will they run each evening?

Will there be a shuttle that will have a wheelchair lift?

What can I bring into the Fair?

Will water be available at the Fair?

Can I bring my dog or pet to the Fair?

Can I smoke or vape at the Fair?

Is the concert venue where the big concerts are held, in the shade?

How early can I get in line at the gate into the concerts?

Can I bring a chair or a stroller for a child into the concert venue?

Does my young child need a ticket to get into the concerts?

Are ADA Services or Aids, including Assistive Listening Devices and Interpretive Services, provided in the concert venue and arena?

Are wheelchairs or motorized scooters available to rent at the Fair?

Can I ride my bike inside the Fair beyond the gates as well as a scooter, skateboard, roller blades, roller skates, or hovering transportation devices?

If it should rain, would the Fair be cancelled?

What if I want to gather signatures for a political purpose or for something of a non-commercial nature?

Are ATMs available at the Fair?

Where is the First Aid Station located?

Where is "Lost and Found" and where are lost children taken?

Carnival Questions

When will the discount pre-sale of the Unlimited Ride Wristbands start and end?

Are the Unlimited Ride Wristbands I buy online good for any day of the Fair?

If I bought my wristband online, where do I get the actual wristband?

How much will the Unlimited Ride Wristbands be once the Fair opens?

Are the games in the Carnival Midway included for play if I bought an Unlimited Ride Wristband?

If I don't want to buy an Unlimited Ride Wristband, what will the Ride Coupons cost once I get to the Fair?

Will credit and debit cards be accepted within the Carnival Midway?

When will the carnival rides be open and operating at the Fair?

What is the minimum height for someone to be allowed on a ride?

Who ultimately decides if it is safe for someone to be allowed on a ride or in an attraction in the Midway?

Explanation of Policy on Weapons & Outside Alcohol

Under Washington County Fair Board Policy 307:
  • Pursuant to ORS 565.240, during activities associated with the annual Washington County Fair, security shall be on site at all times when the County Fair is open to the General Public.
  • Security shall check each individual for illegal weapons and outside alcohol before entry into the Fairgrounds for the annual Washington County Fair. Security checks shall be consistent for each individual entering into the Fairgrounds. Individuals who do not consent to a security check shall not be allowed entry into the Fairgrounds. The Washington County Fair and/or his/her designee is given authority to provide specific instructions for security staff in advance of each year’s County Fair after meeting with local law enforcement authorities. For purposes of this policy, the Fairgrounds consist of all areas inside the fenced off area at the Fair Complex used to conduct the annual Washington County Fair.
  • During activities associated with the annual Washington County Fair, no person is allowed to possess a loaded firearm(s) at the Fairgrounds unless the person:
  • A) Is a law enforcement officer performing his/her official duties; or

    B) Has a concealed weapon license, can verify the license, and handles the firearm in conformance with concealed weapon license requirements.

  • Except as otherwise described above, during activities associated with the annual Washington County Fair, no person other than law enforcement shall be allowed to bring any other weapon, as defined in ORS 166.360(5) into the Fairgrounds.
  • During activities associated with the annual Washington County Fair, no person shall be allowed to bring any outside alcohol into the Fairgrounds.
  • Except as otherwise provided above, guests found in possession of the above-mentioned weapons or outside alcohol will be asked to remove the item from the Fairgrounds or dispose of it. Security shall not confiscate any items, nor is security to store or check the above described weapons.
  • Pursuant to ORS 166.370, it is prohibited for any person to intentionally possess a loaded or unloaded firearm or any other instrument used as a dangerous weapon (as defined in ORS 161.015) in any of the Fair Complex buildings at all times, during the annual Washington County Fair, unless the person is:
  • A) A law enforcement officer acting within the scope of employment;

    B) A person summoned by law enforcement and engaged in assisting the officer;

    C) A member of the military when engaged in the performance of duty;

    D) Possessing a handgun and is licensed to carry a concealed handgun; or

    E) Authorized by the Washington County Fair Manager to possess a firearm or dangerous weapon in the building.

  • Violation of this policy shall result in denial of entry into or ejection from the annual Washington County Fair. Security shall contact law enforcement if the individual or individuals refuse to leave the Fairgrounds.

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