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Board Meeting Archives

Washington County Fair Board

Fair Board Meeting Archives--

*PLEASE NOTE: Due to the COVID-19 pandemic "Virtual" meetings began being held via the Zoom platform which is why 2021 marks the point in time when video recordings of the meetings began being posted. Prior to that and back to the mid-90's, what was kept for archiving was the entire Fair Board Packet presented to the Board members for that particular month's meeting and inside each you can find the minutes from the previous meeting. From the mid-90's back, sometimes the packets were archived and sometimes only the minutes. Not all years did the Fair Board meet every month, and then in some cases, more than 1 meeting was held in a month, in which case those will be listed showing the different dates the meetings took place in that month. We have records back into the 1930s.

Years 2019-2010

YEARS 2009-2000

YEARS 1999-1990

YEARS 1989-1980

YEARS 1979-1970