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i-Flip: Every Day

Across from Main Stage

i-Flip is the ultimate aerial show, featuring a quadruple-based structure designed through intensive creative research. This show cements Milord Entertainment's position as the leader in producing acrobatic thrill shows!

This incredible performance includes aerial bungee, tramp-wall, sphere, power track, and more. To conclude this spectacular show, a daring 60-foot high fall into a stuntman airbag will leave you breathless.

Brad's World of Reptiles: Every Day

Located in the Wingspan: Open Until 10PM

Brad's World Reptiles Interactive Educational Exhibits are a hands-on experience that pique the interest of people of all ages by featuring some of the world's most beautiful, intriguing and rarely seen animals.

The outstanding visual appeal of this exhibit will draw you in, the professional zoo-quality displays and scientifically accurate signage combine to provide an unforgettable experience that is both educational and entertaining.

Out at the Fair: Thursday July 25

Main Stage

Strolling Performers: Every Day Until 9PM

Big Fair Frank

Rebecca Fireplug

Washboard Willy

Circus Luminesence

Terry Baber - The Pan Man

Super Science sponsored by NW Natural: Every Day

In The Grove - Open Until 9PM

S.T.E.M. - Science, Technology, Engineering & Math:
There will be Brainteasers, Jigsaw puzzles, Tangrams, Geometric puzzles, Tavern puzzles...
You name it, we probably have it! This “edutainment” style exhibit is sure to thrill and frustrate (in the best way).
An interactive science exhibit that brings the excitement of discovery to life by using ordinary objects and games to educate fairgoers in the ”big picture” concepts of physics. Newtons Laws, engineering, simple machines and more! Sneaky Learning at its best!

Play.Fit.Fun.: Saturdays & Sundays

In The Grove - 10AM - 9PM

Imagine combining P.E. and Field Day from elementary school—that's what Play.Fit.Fun brings to the Fair! These exciting kids' activities will be held in The Grove area, shaded by trees all day. PFF's motto is PLAY = POWER! Activity, agility, and fun interactive games will ensure your child has a great time while staying fit and getting in better shape until it's time to go home!

The kids will just think they're having fun, but between us, the PFF Active Play Curriculum offers so much more. They'll experience a variety of functional, full-body movements and improve their hand-eye coordination.

The Business of Children is PLAY! Kids are built to move. Movement, fitness, and fun enhance their ability to focus and concentrate, boost their positive attitude, and improve self-esteem. With PLAY.FIT.FUN, they will also develop teamwork and leadership skills, increasing their ability to work well with others!

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