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New - Avian Influenza Rules (6/24/24)

ODA Emergency Rules for Fairs

"On June 24, 2024 the Oregon Department of Agriculture issued emergency rules to mitigate the risk of transmission of highly pathogenic avian influenza (HPAI) at exhibitions. The purpose of the rules is to prevent the introduction of HPAI into an exhibition, while also providing a framework to mitigate the risk of transmission between livestock, and ultimately, to people if HPAI is introduced.

These rules apply only to exhibitions where "influenza susceptible animals" (lactating dairy cattle, swine, waterfowl, and other poultry) will be present.
Fairs and exhibitions provide an opportunity for learning and to showcase the hard work invested in agricultural animals. Unfortunately, these exhibitions also provide an opportunity for illness to spread among animals from multiple herds. Appropriate measures should be taken to minimize the potential for spread of disease. It may not be possible to prevent all transmission of influenza viruses at livestock exhibitions. The recommendations listed apply to all livestock at an exhibit or sale that are physically on the premise. Having a plan in place to identify and handle sick animals properly will help reduce the chance of disease spread."
- Oregon Department of Agriculture
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