The Washington County Fair in Hillsboro is where B.F.F. stands for BIG FAIR FUN! Find yours July 25-28, 2019!
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Reserved Parking for Open Class, FFA, and ALL 4-H Exhibitors

Along with the regular parking lots at the Fair where everyone attending parks, there is now Reserved Parking Spaces adjacent to the Livestock Entrance Gate that will be sold for $60 each, EXCLUSIVELY FOR REGISTERED OPEN CLASS, FFA AND ALL 4-H EXHIBITORS,(ALL 4-H Exhibitors are able to purchase a Reserved Parking spot, not just Livestock Exhibitors) limit of 1 per person. These spaces will give you the peace of mind in knowing you have a parking space always there for you during the run of the Fair, July 25-28. Again, if you do not purchase one of these Reserved Parking Spaces in this area, there will still be the regular parking lots open for parking at $10 per vehicle per day. Click on the link to the right if you want to purchase one of the Reserved Parking spots Exclusively for Registered Open Class, FFA, or all 4-H Exhibitors, and it's not exclusive for only Livestock Exhibitors. They can only be purchased online at this link. They will not be sold at the Fair Complex Office.
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